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Elevation Certificates 

Elevation Certificates (Freeboard Certificates) are required for any new construction, that falls within a Flood Hazard Area (Zone A, AE & VE) and usually is done prior to the issuance of building permit. They are also done on existing homes and commercial buildings, for persons wanting to obtain Flood Insurance. The rates one pays is based on the information shown on the certificate. Another is done during construction of slab homes/buildings and a Final Elevation Certificate is done after construction is completed, prior to obtaining the final power to the structure. Some governing bodies have adopted an ordinance requiring a Freeboard Certificate for area's within a Flood Hazard Area and within Zone X (Shaded). This determines the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) based on differing factors. Calcasieu Parish (CPPJ) is one of these governing bodies.

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