Collins Land Surveyors was founded in 1978 and has been surveying the Gulf Coast for 40 years. We are licensed surveyors in Texas ( 10030600 ), Louisiana ( VF-506 ), Mississippi ( PLS-01811 ), Alabama ( CA-779-LS ) and Arkansas (COA-1396 ). Our Firm boasts a very broad and encompassing scope of surveying services, including but not limited to, commercial ALTA surveys, communication tower site lease surveys and timber land surveys. At the same time, we accommodate local clients that have smaller surveying needs.



Virgil Collins Surveying

Calcasieu River North of Iowa original OBT

Cliff's Plantation Natchez,MS

Calcasieu River Oakdale


Saline Bayou Winn Parish

Sabine Pass Lighthouse

Cliff's Plantation Natchez, MS

Saline Bayou Winn Parish