The Collins family has been in the land surveying business for over 40 years. Virgil Collins, our President and Chief Executive Officer, began as a survey helper in the hills and bayous of East Central Louisiana. Eventually working his way through the apprenticeship program, he was registered as a licensed surveyor in 1978. He has subsequently acquired licensure in Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama. He has a career-long devotion his life to the science of boundary retracement and recovery and has testified as an expert witness in numerous court cases.

Collins and Associates was founded on July 9, 1978. Our principal office is located in Westlake, Louisiana. This location has served as a central hub for our broad reaching clientele. Being in close proximity to the Interstates 10 & 49 corridors allows us to travel long distances to service our broad and ever-expanding client base. Additionally, it allows us to serve the petrochemical and oil refinery industries located in Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas. 

We boast a very broad and encompassing scope of surveying services. We do not cater to any one niche', but provide a host of services; including but not limited to, commercial ALTA surveys, communication tower site lease surveys and timber land surveys. At the same time, we accommodate local clients that have smaller surveying needs. 

We have recognized the need to keep up with the latest in land surveying technology. Each crew is equipped with state of the art GPS systems, robotics, total stations and data collectors. Additionally, our crew chiefs have laptops on site, equipped with Autocad and other software which enables them to make design changes and calculations without transferring their data to our office. Wireless internet links allow us to upload our field data to our office technicians from virtually any site in the world.

Office Staff 
Our firm offers a full time office staff to service our clients many needs. We employ two highly experienced project managers/survey designers who cater to our clients every need. Both project managers have over 25 years of combined experience in survey drafting, contour modeling, boundary calculations, subdivision design, title integration and customer relations. We also employ two additional survey draftsmen to assist in our drafting needs. Our project coordinator and contract manager are the initial points of contact for all clients. Detailed client information and work scopes are documented in order to give accurate estimates and accurate product. You will find that our office staff’s constant attention to your needs and prompt execution of your requests distinguish our firm as an elite group. 

Field Staff
We currently have four operating field crews. Each crew is led by a highly trained, highly experienced crew chief. All of our crew chiefs undergo extensive on the job training and are proven through years of understudy. They are capable of evaluating evidence and after communicating with our professional land surveyors, they can complete the assigned task without additional trips to the field. All of our field personnel are held to a very high standard of conduct. Regardless of the situation, they can be counted on to be professional, courteous and respectful. All of our employees are drug tested and monitored for worksite safety.